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InnoCore Challenge 2022
Call for Challenges from Companies

InnoCore project is launching its first Challenge, opening a collection of proposals from the industry.

This Call is aimed at selecting maximum five (5) Challenges issued from Companies in the Life Sciences domain seeking solutions of technological problems and/or questions related to their business, assets or R&D activities that could be addressed by specific knowledge and skills from academic students, scholars and research infrastructures.

Specifically, by way of example, we mean:

Problems or opportunities in biomedical sector and biotechnologies proposed by the company in the following areas:

– Drug Discovery and Screening;

– In vitro and in vivo models for (e.g.) Target identification/validation, Biomarker development, and Drug Discovery;

– Imaging and/or Omics Technologies for biotech and/or biomedical applications.

To apply to the InnoCore Challenge Call for Seekers, please complete the form available at the call page (click here)

Please send the completed form by email at the contact by December 23rd, 2021 at 23.59 CET. Application received after this deadline will be withdrawn and not considered for evaluation.