The InnoCore work plan develops:

  • Innovative outputs (Intellectual Outputs),
  • Intensive dissemination and exploitation activities (Multiplier Events) of the Intellectual Outputs.
  • Transnational Learning, teaching and training activities of individuals 

Among the innovative intellectual outputs InnoCore developed two guides as tangible and transferrable results of the project’s activities:

The InnoCore Guide for Cooperation (IO1)

This guide is the result of the practices designed and developed within the project even through the implementation of pilot cases, and describes: 

  • the cooperation model elaborated by the consortium, 
  • the methodology in developing the model and establishing cooperation practices, 
  • the use cases of the model, 
  • the report of validation of the model and outcomes of pilot activities. 

The guide for cooperation is freely accessible to the public and downloadable:

The InnoCore Framework – A guide for Developing a Multidisciplinary and Transnational Curriculum on Core technologies (IO4) 

The document is as a usable and transferable guide that describes the general features and methodologies of the InnoCore framework in establishing a transnational, multidisciplinary and business-oriented curriculum for the education and training in the domain of core facilities.

The InnoCore Framework is freely accessible to the public and downloadable: