Genomics technologies


M. A. Denti, V. De Sanctis, T. Tebaldi (University of Trento)

B. Tichy (CEITEC Masaryk University)

C. Egas (CNC University of Coimbra)

The course aims at explaining the opportunities that high-throughput technologies give in the analysis of genomes and of transcriptomes, being introduced to the concepts and tools of Precision Medicine. The course will focus on Next Generation Sequencing technologies and Next-Next Generation Sequencing technologies, their problems, and perspectives.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should:

  • Understand the principles underlying the Next Generation Sequencing technologies
  • Discuss the importance of using NGS approaches in the study complex biological questions, explaining their potential and limitations.
  • Critically choose the NGS approach for the qualitative and quantitative analysis that is best suited to answer the scientific question of interest.
  • Evaluate the appropriate method for sample preparation considering compatibility with NGS platforms, as well as the purpose of the experiment.
  • Understand the principle of operation of the main phases of the NGS and NNGS analysis.
  • Consult online databases and interpret, process and present experimental results.
  • Understand the principles behind Single Cell Analysis and Spatial Transcriptomics for the structural analysis of proteins and protein complexes.
  • Read and understand scientific articles in the field of NGS applications, Single Cell Analysis and Spatial Transcriptomics.